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PCI-SIG Releases the PCIe 2.0 Specifications

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#1 Dalponis


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Posted 16 Jan 2007 - 08:04

The PCI-SIG announced yesterday that the final version of the PCI Express Base 2.0 Specification is now out and available to members. PCIe 2.0 adds a number of enhancements including increased signaling speed (5GHz) which results in increased per-link bandwidth. Specifically, each lane doubles from 2.5 GT/s under the PCIe 1.1 spec to 5 GT/s under the 2.0 spec. This translates to a PCIe 2.0 x16 link having a peak bandwidth of 16 GB/s.

The new spec also supports a number of features at the protocol level. For instance, the new spec gives the OS the ability to dynamically adjust the speed of a link, and to receive notifications when the link speed and width change. Devices based on the PCIe 2.0 spec are backwards compatible with devices based on the 1.0 and 1.1 specifications. Now that the spec is finalized, expect products that support it to start appearing in later 2007. Graphics cards will be the first products to make use of PCIe 2.0 and along with DirectX 10, expect this year to have a Crysis 2-similar release.

Read the new specification here:

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Posted 16 Jan 2007 - 10:56

*sigh* yet another upgrade, yet another $500 to be spent. I hate technology as of late.
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Posted 13 Feb 2007 - 14:09

*sigh* yet another upgrade, yet another $500 to be spent. I hate technology as of late.

No worry... at least until the next bus. PCI-E is fully backwards compatible... You're current graphics card will work when PCI-E 2.0 motherboards are released. (but not that onboard crap, Sasa :P)
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Posted 15 Jun 2009 - 17:37

Please can someone tell me if my motherboard has PCI slots can i insert and upgrade to a PCIe type graphics card without having to change my motherboard.

Just wondering if there is a difference in the slot types or graphics card connections.

I appreciate any advice.

Many thanks - Barrel

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