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Raid Alliance Loot Rules

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Posted 03 May 2010 - 01:00

1. DKP Utilization
In order to distribute our raid loot as efficiently as possible, all loot will be auctioned off via DKP with no limit on bids.

A) How is DKP Calculated?
DKP(Dragon Kill Point) is a universal term used by most guilds in the MMORPG universe. We will be using a point over time system for DKP calculations. Our DKP is awarded for time spent participating in the raid; The longer you actively raid, the more DKP you have. For each hour you are participating in the raid, you earn one DKP.

B) Can I Get That in a Mathematical Formula?
memberCurrentDKP = (durationMemberWasRaidingInHours * 1) - memberSpentDKP

C) Is there a priority for DKP spending?
If you've been raiding with 90% or higher attendance, you're flagged as a core raider. Core raiders have highest priority on spending DKP.
If you've been raiding with 81.25% or lower attendance, you're flagged as a raider. Raiders have medium priority on spending DKP.
If you've just joined us, you're flagged as a recruit. Recruits have the lowest priority on spending DKP.

D) Is there a DKP cap?
Another measure to keep the loot flowing, there will be a DKP cap of two full weeks of raiding. Three(3) hours a day, four(4) raids a week, four(4) weeks of raiding, equals a fourty-eight(48) DKP cap.

E) Emergences
i. Early Departures
We understand that anything can happen in the busy-busy go-go world of today. If you must leave the raid early for an emergency, you may or may not be penalized for the full hour of raid-time, on a case-by-case basis. There will be a penalty for constant link-deaths and things of the sort.

ii. Ninja AFKs
There will be a case-by-case basis to determine the DKP penalty for Ninja AFKs, if any.

iii. Late For a Signed-Up Raid
There will be a case-by-case basis to determine the DKP penalty for lateness, if any.

iiii. Cancelled Raids
No one earns DKP if a raid is cancelled.

iiiii. Awesomeness
There's five minutes left in the raid. Sweat is pouring down your forehead. The raid pulls some DPS of awesomeness + 1 and one-shots Trakanon. Yeah, there'll be raid DKP awards for awesomeness such as that.

2) The Auction Channel
In our DKP Auction channel, all bids will be in increments of whole numbers. That means increments of one(1), two(2), three(3), etc. are allowed. Increments of one and one half(1.5) and numbers of the sort, are not.

3) Alternate Loot
Everyone in the raid alliance, upon joining the raid alliance, is required to set their main character and alternate character(if any). When a piece of loot is deemed to be alternate loot, raid members may spend DKP for their alternate. If no alternates need the loot, it is then deemed to be trash loot, and transmuted. Alliance members can use DKP to buy the transmuted items.

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