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EverQuest II: Destiny of Velious and Where To Go

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Posted 03 Sep 2010 - 23:26

EverQuest II: Destiny of Velious and Where To Go
What can be done to make this massive
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Velious. The over-lining plot from base content to Sentinel's Fate is coming to a close. After the defeat of the god-slayer, something very big is going to happen. Some might think it's the 'End of Norrath', but either way, it's going to be big.

Here's a few ideas on what to add to EverQuest II: Destiny of Velious.

Lost Dungeons of Norrath

Ah, the Lost Dungeons of Norrath (LDONs). LDONs were dynamically generated instances back in EverQuest. It's about time we get dynamically generated instances in EverQuest II. LDONs would lessen player turnover due to a simulated increase in variety of dungeons, without the need for constant zone development. This would allow for resources and manpower to be utilized for other development activities while the players are kept occupied and happy by a constant influx of new scenery and quests. The quests in LDONs would feature lore building tasks, so that after every couple of quests, we learn more interesting lore about the zone.

Some zones to consider adding to EQ2 as LDONs:
Crystal Caverns
The Tunnels Beneath The Dragon Necropolis
Tower of Frozen Shadow

Faction Raiding

"Should Skyshrine be boiled down into nothing more than a zone to farm, that would be the day a part of EverQuest has died." - Dalponis Remy

We've killed dragons. We've killed void beasts. We've killed avatars. Where can we go from here? How about working for dragons to do battle with the gods, or working for the dragons to take down factions within Qeynos or Freeport? Skyshrine is a place where major lore and character existed in EverQuest. Skyshrine the city of dragons with their high pride and ancient wisdom. Should such a thing of interest and creativity be brought down to merely another mindless set of kills to which players farm for gear? Or should it stay a powerful city butting heads with the mighty city of Kael Drakkel? Kael with its mighty giants and strong willed king. The only thing left to decide the Destiny of Velious is the choice of the players. To which their swords and spells will decide the right to rule the remains of the once mighty continent of Velious.

This doesn't mean that contested mobs need to come back, we can still have faction raiding in our persistent instance setting.

T1 Raid Armour

It is a dark night aboard the Vigilant. Your party trudges on with the smell of stale food and blood on the air. Amongst the sound of magical gears and turbines, you reach the three dreaded three-headed skeletal hellhounds. You are about to engage the vile fiends of Zek when you realize you still don't have your teir one pantaloons and you're the tank. After a short and bloody battle, you realize there must be something better than hoping your armour drops next raid...

If the first teir of raid armour came from doing quests or token turn-in, the completion of raids could focus more on skill and less on the drop rate of the random number generator.

Diety Revamp

"Letting things linger and rot is boring..." - Satoko

Back in the day, the gods smiled upon Norrath. They were worshipped and they loved Norrathians in return. Eventually, the gods became jealous when the mortals began to reach their awesome level of power. With much anger and fury the gods withdrew their influence from Norrath, leaving it abandoned with only the will and power of mortals to shape.

With the freeing of codex of wisdom and the unleashing of the mind of Zebuxoruk, the gods of influence have returned to Norrath. Over the years the powers of the gods have been diminishing from use in Norrath, culminating with the return of Rohan Theer, the god-slayer; The gods have pulled their avatars from our plane, to prepare for a unobtainable victory. With the help of the mortals, the demise of Rohan Theer was swift and bloody. But what have the mortals actually achieved with this victory but yet fulfilling another part in the prophecy that is 'The End of Norrath'?

All this leads us to the deity pets/blessings/miracles. Current game mechanics have diminished the usefulness of these once useful items. Now would be a good time to consider a revamp to them, or perhaps expanding upon the lore and removing them from the game completely.

Memorable Moments...

With all the massive things going to happen with Velious, I think now would be the time for SoE to consider getting the art team to put more time into the game and less into the Station Marketplace. Think about it; how about some quality in game movies to showcase memorable moments in EQ2?

I'm not talking about the in-game cut scenes that are in WoE and the end of four rune Theer. What I am referring to is quality animated cut scenes like the death of Arthus at the end of Wrath of the Lich King. I think it'll be very cool to see things like that involving Kerafyrm.

Some times where this could have been utilized properly:
Fall of Darthar
Saving of Wuoshi from the Void Corruption*or at least explain why we're killing the Guardian of Growth*
Defeat of the Ring of Scale
End of God-King

Crowd Control

There once was a class known as crowd control,
Who wanted nothing more than to fill a roll,
They had a few tricks,
They've taken all their licks,
Oh how they wish this game still had a soul.

Instances now-a-days seem to be engineered around pull as much as possible and cast as many area-of-effect abilities as possible. This has really left a gap in the game; the crowd control class isn't too needed anymore.

The game needs less trash encounters with more difficult encounters instead. For an example, If the mobs much hit harder or had a special effect when with another encounter, crowd control would become a much needed class again. This would be balanced out; Less trash fights, but longer more engaging fights. By creating mobs that are more difficult (requiring more attention) and reducing the amount of trash mobs, it'll create an instance that is more entertaining. This will cause players to be more attentive to the game rather than just smashing blue backed abilities.

Don't forget, the current generation of instances favour the few classes which excel at area-of-effect abilities. For proof, see the large rise in Swashbucklers, Shadow Knights, Berserkers, Warlocks, and the dwindling numbers of Brigands and Wizards.

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