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Adventures in Isle of Mara

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Posted 24 Apr 2011 - 13:10

You notice a piece of paper posted on the wall of the tavern...

"To all those interested in the lore and majesty of the Isle of Mara, the Kejaan Order, guild of kerra, welcomes all kerra(season sixty or greater) to take part in our Isle of Mara adventures. Contact any of the Kejaan Order about this for more information.

Magsith Remy
Kejaan Order of AB"


((We're going to start another Isle of Mara adventure soon. We like taking it slow and reading all the lore. If this interests you, you're welcome to join. Kerra only, 65-70. We're going to kill Cheldrak. Also, the Kejaan Order does these things often, so roll a kerra and join us in all the fun and adventures. Not to mention we can help PL you to around 100AA before you hit level eleven.))

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